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Think Outside the Box! 20 Creative Container Garden Ideas


Even if stretched for space or or soil, there are almost infinite ways to bring plants into your outdoor spaces.  I love tall raised garden beds for keeping weeds and pets out of my vegetable and flower gardens, but there are so many more options than just building a square box!  We’ve put together a few of our favorite creative container garden ideas and ways you can draw inspiration from them in your ... read more

5th June 2014

6 Tips for an Easy Vegetable Garden

6 tips for a veggie garden

My true passion lies in flower gardening, but enough trips to the grocery store has taught me that produce prices never seem to go down, just the opposite. When I first became interested in starting a vegetable garden, conventional wisdom at the time suggested they were a lot of work with iffy results. Despite some worries that my first veggie garden might be a disaster, I “plowed” ahead anyway. So I ... read more

2nd June 2014

GGS Seed Starting Challenge: Six Weeks Later

Time to Transplant!

I can’t believe it has been six weeks since we began our seed starting challenge and two weeks since we’ve done an update. Growth has been good almost throughout our cells but the obvious champions are our Squash and Bean plants which have super healthy stems and excellent leaf formation. Our squash plants are already showing signs of budding blossoms! The lettuces, Swiss chard, green onions and cilantro all are ... read more

23rd May 2014

Buy the Best Garden Hose: 4 Things to Look For

Leaky Hose Photo

When my husband and I bought our first house, there were many garden and lawn related purchases to make, like buying our first rake and lawn mower, first snow shovel and weed whacker.  While some of things we bought held up as expected over the years, one of the purchases I regret the most was my garden hose. Instead of buying the best garden hose, we quite possibly bought the ... read more

19th May 2014

What is eating my trees? Organic Winter Moth Control and Prevention

Last Fall as the sun started to go down a bit earlier, I noticed lots of these white-ish/gray moths gathering around my porch light.  I didn’t think much of them as I figured the fast-approaching cold weather would kill them, and moved on to thinking about cleaning up fallen leaves and putting together holiday shopping lists.  What I didn’t know then was that those little moths, frequently called “Winter Moths”, ... read more

12th May 2014

What does NPK in my Fertilizer Mean Anyway?


It’s that time of year again! We are freshening up our garden beds or perhaps starting new ones. Asking questions at your local garden center about the steps you should take to ensure the health and development of your garden may lead to a conversation about fertilizer and its NPK ratio. Any expert will be able to tell you what this means, but knowing what NPK is ahead of time ... read more

7th May 2014

Growing Broccoli, Cabbage & Other Cole Crops

Spring 2014 Weather Map for Planting Cole Crops

Spring in New England often can be considered “winter-lite”, with warm days followed by brutal cold snaps.  Just as we put away our winter coats and hats, the mercury dips down and we wonder if Spring is really here to stay. This phenomenon can be especially tough on the gardener, who has been planning all winter to get into the garden with ambitious plans for new crops and plantings, only ... read more

6th May 2014

Top Ten Things to Know When Growing Tomatoes

Top 10 Things to Know When Growing Tomatoes

There are hundreds of varieties to choose from when thinking about growing tomatoes in your garden. Your climate, your personal taste, and your reason for growing them will help you narrow down your options. Unless you are planning to preserve your harvest, we generally recommend 3 to 5 plants per person. Once you’ve made your decision, there are ten important things to know about caring for your plants. 1.) Tomato ... read more

6th May 2014

Your Spring Landscape To Do List: 4 Necessary Tasks

Spring Cleanup

At last, the snow is receding, the crocus have poked their little heads through the thawing ground, and we anxiously wait for the street sweepers to come rid our roads of all the leftover sand and salt. Spring! Rebirth, regrowth, renewed beginnings and a barren landscape to encourage back to life. Here is a Spring to do list we know will get your yard and garden back on track for ... read more

19th March 2014

The Care and Feeding of Your Houseplants


Exposure, Water, Humidity, Soil, and Feeding. These five factors all come into play when fostering a houseplant and each plant has its own set of rules. By choosing an easier plant to begin with, your chance of success increases. More often than not, large commercial growers will include an informative tag on their houseplants to assist you in determining its basic care once you get it home from the store. ... read more

26th November 2013
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