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GGS Seed Starting Challenge: Six Weeks Later

Sterling's Squash!

Sterling’s Squash!

I can’t believe it has been six weeks since we began our seed starting challenge and two weeks since we’ve done an update. Growth has been good almost throughout our cells but the obvious champions are our Squash and Bean plants which have super healthy stems and excellent leaf formation. Our squash plants are already showing signs of budding blossoms!

The lettuces, Swiss chard, green onions and cilantro all are pretty leggy so we will re-pot them deeply in larger pots to see if we can get them to produce stronger root systems. The tricky part will be trying to untangle them from one another without damaging their growth. Although we kept them under the Jump Start Grow Light System, it’s possible they did not receive enough light at night and during the weekends (when we are not here).

Sadly,only one tomato plant has survived. Perhaps the room we had them in was too cold. We had positioned the containers with tomato seeds on a heating mat but again, it’s possible that over the weekends and nights that we were not here they simply were not warm enough.

Basil planted in Black Gold Waterhold Soil

Basil planted in Black Gold Waterhold Soil

Aside from our success with the squash and bean plants, the pepper plants look fantastic. They are ready to be re-potted into larger cow pots. The basil planted in the Black Gold Waterhold mix has grown really well and been re-potted. Unfortunately our basil seedlings in the Fox Farm have not performed as well and will not need repotting. We aren’t sure if it’s because they were watered too much or not enough. When fertilizing them with a Miracle Grow solution a couple of weeks ago, we noticed that the cells planted with Black Gold were drawing up all of the water quickly leaving none for the seedlings planted in Fox Farm. Although we tried to compensate for this and water the Fox Farm seedlings more thoroughly, I think we missed our window of opportunity and simply lost the seed all together.

One thing is for certain. Egg Cartons did not work for us at all. We are not sure if it’s because they weren’t deep enough for the plants to root well or because we over watered them but whatever the reason, the few seedlings that did emerge soon withered and died. We don’t want to dissuade anyone from trying this method but perhaps if you do, be vigilant about not over-watering.

We are now ready to divide up our seedlings and take them home for planting in the garden! Stay tuned for pictures throughout the summer of our successes!

23rd May 2014

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