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Looks Fishy to Me: Neptune’s Harvest Organic Fertilizer

As long as you don’t spill any on yourself, Neptune’s Harvest Organic Fertilizer is a phenomenal product that encourages strong growth of your favorite plants. Why you don’t want to spill any on you? Well, it’s somewhat smelly and can be tricky to wash off. That’s the only downside to using Neptune’s Harvest in your garden. The upside? Their products will not biologically damage your soil and, instead, promote the growth of beneficial bacteria your soil needs to grow healthy, disease-free plants. Customers rave about the improvements in their garden and landscape simply by using Neptune’s Harvest products.

Steve Connolly from Sharon, MA, uses Neptune’s Harvest Organic Fertilizer, along with a few other products like cow manure, to produce a strong crop of pumpkins. In 2008, Steve shared that he had increased the use of “foliar spray applications of Neptune’s Fish and Seaweed to my plants, from weekly to almost a biweekly rate during July and August but mostly during early August when the Giant Pumpkins entered their rapid Growth Phase.” One particular pumpkin stood out as it grew and grew and grew some more. The pumpkin grew a staggering 40 pounds per day during this growth phase and, as reported on The Today Show, Connolly’s pumpkin reached a weight of 1,900 lbs. With the use of Neptune’s Harvest Organic Fertilizer, cow manure, and other fertilizers, Steve had the opportunity to compete that year with an impressive pumpkin tourists dubbed the Beast from the East.

We know the right products can increase the growth of the plants in your home garden or farm. So, what is so fishy about the use of Neptune’s Harvest Organic Fertilizer? This product is all organic through the usage of the gurry, left over fish remains such as heads skeletons, scales, and fins. Yes, it may smell a little fishy, but you can’t argue with the results these fertilizers produce.

Customer Reviews: Neptune's Harvest Logo

“This product was wonderful!! Followed the directions and my plants look beautiful. It is everything I hoped for.”-Jayne

“I had my seedlings growing for about a month with out fertilizing them. As soon as I watered them with Neptunes I saw immediate results.”-James

“I use Neptune’s Harvest all throughout my garden and for my houseplants as well. And my plants thank me by giving me greater yields of fruits and vegetables and lusher vegetation. It’s a win-win.”-Sophie

Neptune’s Harvest Organic Fertilizers come in a variety of formulations: Fish/Seaweed Blend Fertilizer, Hydrolized Fish Fertilizer, and Seaweed Plant Food. Customers that try these products have such amazing results that they recommend them to others and can’t help bragging about the size and quality of their vegetables and flowers. I challenge you to check out Great Garden Supply, try Neptune’s Harvest products, and see with your own eyes  great results from the roots to the leaves.

24th May 2013

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