City Garden Field Report

Ideas for City Gardens

In need of a little garden inspiration, I decided to take in Boston’s South End Garden Tour, and what a treat it turned out to be!  The tour was a real education in small-space and city gardens and how people handled the challenges of bad light, little dirt, and spaces that had to do double or triple duty as mini-farms, playgrounds and outdoor kitchens. There was so much to see and ... read more

30th June 2014

July 4th Decorations: Patriotic Container Gardens, Easy Crafts for Kids, Lighting Ideas & More

July 4th Decorations

I am a huge fan of Pinterest and have been obsessed lately with finding inspiration for a party I’m hosting on the the Fourth of July. There are so many clever ideas out there, and I wanted to share my favorites with you too. The ideas I’m highlighting here are for creating July 4th decorations for your yard, but I’ve also pinned recipes, table-setting ideas, games and more on the ... read more

24th June 2014

Potting Soil 101: How to Select Soil for Container Plants and Raised Gardens Beds


Whenever the urge strikes me to try out a new container garden idea, I happily select my pottery and plants, but get to the potting soil section and nearly have a heart attack when I see the price of my favorite bagged potting soil.  It doesn’t seem to make any sense that dirt actually costs big money!  But in fact, a lot of science and labor (yes, labor) goes into ... read more

20th June 2014

Toads in the Garden; Why you want them

Toad in the garden

If your first instinct at the sight of critters in your garden is one of annoyance or even disgust, you should consider that you just might be playing host to a friend, rather than foe. While you’ve been trained (rightly so) to fear rabbits and other pests that treat your garden like an open buffet, know that toads are one helpful potential resident that you’ll want to keep around. Hungry ... read more

18th June 2014

Container Gardening Guide: Tips and Design Pointers for the Beginner


In theory, container gardening is a really simple way for everyone to dip their toes (or fingers) into gardening.  Pretty much anything that will hold a growing medium (dirt), and has a drainage hole can be turned into a container garden that lights up a bare front porch or neglected patio.  Seems simple enough; fill a pot with good potting soil, buy some pretty flowers, and ta-da: instant beauty!  But ... read more

16th June 2014

Why It’s Best to Buy Local Vegetable Plants for your Garden

Top 10 Things to Know When Growing Tomatoes

Some might think a plant is a plant is a plant, and one tomato plant, should do as well as another, but for a number of reasons, locally grown vegetable transplants are leaps and bounds better than the alternative.  They are better for the environment, better for the health of our soils and local farming community, and most important of all, in my selfish thinking, is that they are better ... read more

14th June 2014

Beyond the Basics: Tips for Growing Vegetables in Raised Garden Beds


Now that you have built your raised-garden bed, and filled it with a high-quality garden soil, I bet you’re super excited to start actually growing vegetables.  But there are a few more tips we at GGS wanted to share with you to ensure the most successful harvest.  And whether you are a first-time gardener, or a seasoned grower, it’s always a good idea to keep up on the latest gardening ... read more

13th June 2014

Take Back the Night. Learn How to Control Mosquitoes in Your Yard

Ways to Control Mosquitoes in Your Yard

As I grow more confident that good weather is here to stay, clean-up the outdoor furniture, and and start planning my first outdoor get-together, the one thing I often forget before its too late, is to get ready for mosquito season.  I always seem to go on my first camping trip and forgot the bug-spray, or volunteer for Father’s Day dinner or 4th of July BBQ, and forget the citronella candles. ... read more

12th June 2014

Get Your Yard Ready: Outdoor Rooms without Busting the Budget


Does your backyard look a bit more like the “Before” in the picture above? Certainly, it’s kid and pet-friendly, but it’s definitely not ready for lounging or the next big family BBQ.   You might not have the budget for a full-scale investment in a dream outdoor room, but there are a few tips and design tricks for making your empty yard into an outdoor room. Define your Space – If ... read more

10th June 2014

Father’s Day & Personal Reflections

Untitled design (7)

With father’s day rapidly approaching once again in a “holy-cow-I-don’t-have-a-gift-yet” fashion (as though it’s not on the calendar every year), it’s time to turn to reflections of that man we call “Dad”. Where to begin? It’s at this point I begin to vacillate  between nostalgic & reminiscent son, or hysterical & witty son. Do I list and expand upon each and every sacrificial, loving, kind and generous act he’s displayed ... read more

6th June 2014
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