From the Garden: Pumpkin-Inspired Recipes

Roasted Pumpkin Sage Soup

Fall is here and with it the smell of pumpkin-spiced lattes wafting through my office. I’ll give up bathing suits, flip flops and barbecues at the beach for turtlenecks, tall boots and tailgating at the football game because of the delicious flavors available when the temperature drops a bit. At the top of the list? The availability of pumpkins. If pumpkins grow in your garden or you buy them from ... read more

3rd October 2013

Pinterest Contest: The “Great Pumpkin” Fall Giveaway

Pinterst ContestMain Photo

What Can You Win? While Fall is certainly fun enough, it does carry with it a fair share of work. Aside from the apple picking and pumpkin harvesting, there’s leaf raking and home decorating. Great Garden Supply would like to help make your job  just a little bit easier, with our Pinterest Giveaway. Will we see you there? See the included image for more details, and check out our board ... read more

24th September 2013

How to Kill Grubs this Fall


While grubs aren’t typically the first creature we think of when it comes to pre-hibernation feasting, the reality is that your lawn becomes a banquet table to these nasty pests during the fall months. Stocking up on food, they’ll then dig in a good 4-8 inches once the cold sets in and stay put. As a result of this late year gorging, grubs won’t typically look to eat much come ... read more

17th September 2013

Fall Fertilizer for a Greener Lawn Next Spring

Fall Fertilizer for Lawn

As the summer winds down and kids return to school, most homeowners turn their attention to storing the lawn furniture and closing the pool for the year. While there are numerous tasks associated with the welcoming of fall, aside from the standard pumpkin carving and leaf raking, fertilizing your lawn for the coming winter must not be overlooked. While most areas in the Northeast enjoy a mild and beautiful September, ... read more

29th August 2013

How to Plant a Tree


You’ve picked out the perfect tree for your yard. Now it’s time to plant it! Things you will need to plant your tree: Shovel Rake Tree Staking Kit Plant Starter Tree Gator PHC Tree Saver or Espoma Bio-tone Soil Moist Roots Healthy Start Planting Mix Step 1: Lay down a hose or some rope to outline the bed you want to create. This will help you visualize the size of ... read more

14th August 2013

Root Collar Excavation for Healthier Trees


Looking out into your yard, you can’t help but think that something is missing. Maybe it’s a bare area needing interest. Perhaps a neighbor has too clear a visual of your patio. Whatever the situation may be, often the best remedy is to plant  a beautiful tree. That perfect species that will bring color and personality to your landscape. The choices are endless but you have narrowed it down and ... read more

12th August 2013

Take Back Your Yard: Year Round Guide for Pest Control

Garden Pests

  Insects are often thought of as pests.  Did you know that only 6% of all insects are actually classified as pests?  The rest are beneficial to the environment and to your landscape. Ladybugs are not just beautiful in appearance; they eat aphids that make yellow stippling marks on your Japanese Andromeda as well as mealy bugs, leaf hoppers and other destructive soft-bodied pests. Each garden pest does have its ... read more

30th July 2013

Ask the Expert: Downy Mildew or Tomato Blight invading your garden?

Tomato Blight

Question I had a healthy garden up until about two years ago when a tropical rain storm came through and rained for 3 days. A few days after the rain stopped, I noticed a whitish, moldy look on some leaves. Soon after that, the leaves developed dead, brown spots, withered and then eventually died. This issue spread throughout my entire garden. I have tried Copper, Neem Oil and Daconil with ... read more

16th July 2013

Gronomics Vertical Garden Set-up; easy as 1-2-3.

vertical garden

The Vertical Garden from Gronomics is one of our favorite new products in the container gardening category. While it’s super easy to use and get started with, we don’t think people really grasp the simplicity with which this thing operates (we didn’t either until we set one up ourselves!). To remedy this, we made a video to give you a quick synopsis of how you too can have lots of ... read more

9th July 2013

Is a Raised Garden Bed Right for you? Why you should consider one for your garden.


The idea of gardening conjures up all sorts of colorfully imaginative and creative endeavors involving ones yard. In a sort of romantic battle of Man/Woman vs earth, ultimate victory is achieved as the soil gives up the plentiful harvest which has been so carefully cultivated and cared for over several months (hard fought, sweat inducing, dirt-under-the-nails-months) with such love and attention to detail. The culmination of it all is seen as ... read more

26th June 2013
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