Divas Do Garden: A Beginner’s Guide to Organizing a Small Space Garden

Square Foot Garden Grid

There are so many different ways to garden if space is limited. You can grow vertically, in a container, indoors, or on a windowsill. The options are endless! As I am completely new to the whole idea of gardening, and being “outdoorsy” in general, I wanted to find the simplest small space gardening idea that is not overpowering and actually enjoyable. Raised bed gardening was my answer. When I tell you ... read more

21st May 2013

Keep Deer From Eating your Efforts!


I don’t know about you, but I love seeing the deer creep out of the woods and into my yard that first chilly morning in the fall. Usually I’ll see them in groups of 3 or 4; never just a single deer and they walk so carefully and majestically across the lawn. What I don’t love is the damage they cause to the plants and shrubs I have planted and ... read more

7th May 2013

Lawn and Garden Checklist: May


  Yay, it’s May! Let’s hope the old adage “April showers bring May flowers” holds true. There is nothing more beautiful than a green lawn and a garden in full bloom. Stay on track to a successful gardening season ahead with this basic guide.       GENERAL MAINTENANCE  * Right now, lawns and gardens should receive about an inch of water per week. * Mulch under your plants to ... read more

3rd May 2013

Change the color of your Hydrangea


Pink, or Blue? We aren’t talking about babies although wouldn’t it be interesting to be able to control whether or not you had a boy or a girl simply by changing one thing that you eat? Hydrangea plants have the ability to change their color to vary between shades of pink and blue depending on the pH of the soil they reside in. Specifically, it’s the Hydrangea macrophylla or serrata ... read more

26th April 2013

Tick Tubes; prevent ticks in your yard this summer


“Mom, what is this bug on me?” Words that can paralyze a parent in fear. It’s bad enough when they descend upon your pets each year, but when ticks target your family, anxiety can reach new heights. Aside from the well known Lyme disease, researchers from Tufts & Yale have discovered a new bacterial illness transmitted by ticks. Reported on by the New England journal of medicine, this adds to the list ... read more

18th April 2013

Is Your Lawn Looking a Little Bit Brown? Thatch May Be the Problem


I like having a green lawn. I do. It makes me happy to walk barefoot outside and feel the soft blades of grass between my toes. You know what I don’t like? What my lawn looks like right now, in the middle of April, when it should be coming back to life. Hay. Harsh, horrible, hard hay with little blades of green peeking through here and there.  Makes me sad ... read more

17th April 2013

Does your yard resemble a swamp? EZDrain has your solution!


For the last several spring seasons, I’ve joked on Facebook about needing Noah and his Ark to come save me from my backyard. I clearly remember Mother’s Day of 2006, being out with my mother and sister and getting the phone call from my husband (in a very apologetic voice) that we had 6 inches of water throughout our basement and could I possibly return home. Our sump pump had ... read more

6th April 2013

Spring Lawn Seeding; plan for success


  While the best time to seed your lawn is most certainly late Summer or early Fall, there are those of us who don’t necessarily have the  foresight to fit this into our hectic schedules. Spring seeding isn’t ideal,  but perhaps there is just enough winter damage or poor turf density from last Summers lawn enemies (grubs, moles, drought, etc.) that you just have to do it (side note; these ... read more

27th March 2013

Winter Moth Trouble? Get a grip on these unwanted guests


Foreign Invaders First introduced to New England by way of Nova Scotia, this defoliating pest has troubled coastal Massachusetts while making it’s way north to Maine and south to Connecticut.  Targeting deciduous plants, most vulnerable are Maples, Oaks, Basswood, Ash, White Elm, Crabapple, Apple and Blueberry. To make matters worse, the winter moth may drop from your trees into the plant beds and feed on your perennials (oh, the joy!). ... read more

27th March 2013

Sun Gro Horticulture Products – Black Gold, Growers Gold, and Sunshine Advanced Mix #4

Black Gold All Purpose

GreatGardenSupply.com is proud to be the premier supplier of the newest retail line of Sun Gro Horticulture products, the leader in high quality consumer potting soils, garden amendments and fertilizers.  Sun Gro knows science and understands consumers with a professional heritage and scientific grounding that’s helped them formulate products to help customers succeed in their garden. You can be sure that all of the Sun Gro products are professional growing ... read more

22nd March 2013
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