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Top Ten Things to Know When Growing Tomatoes

There are so many types of tomatoes!

There are so many types of tomatoes!

There are hundreds of varieties to choose from when thinking about growing tomatoes in your garden. Your climate, your personal taste, and your reason for growing them will help you narrow down your options. Unless you are planning to preserve your harvest, we generally recommend 3 to 5 plants per person. Once you’ve made your decision, there are ten important things to know about caring for your plants.

1.) Tomato plants needs 10 hours of sunlight in the summer and adequate room between plants for air circulation.

2.) Change up the location of your garden bed. Even if you alternate your tomato bed between only two spots, you will still lessen the risk of soil born illnesses when growing tomatoes year to year. Include some Tomato-Tone in the garden beds to feed your plants and encourage growth of plump and juicy tomatoes.

3.) Choose seedlings with strong root systems.

4.) More Roots = More Fruits — Plant your seedlings up to their first “real” leaves to encourage healthy, large root systems. Use a product like Vegetable Thrive from Alpha Biosystems to ensure strong rooting and increased growth.

5.) Water the soil, not the leaves. Tomato plants should be soaked once a week or once every five days when it’s very hot out.

6.) Prune off the “suckers” or the branches which are not producing tomatoes. This allows the plant to focus all its efforts on growing bigger, tastier tomatoes.

7.) If caring for an indeterminate tomato plant, use tall stakes. 6 foot stakes would be best.

8.) Encourage new growth upon ripening of the first fruit by adding compost around the stem.

9.) For multiple harvest, plant another set of seedlings three weeks later.

10.) Pick your tomatoes when they’re ripe but not too ripe.

Follow these ten simple steps and you are sure to have a plentiful tomato harvest. Our store is full of items to help you along in your process. Check out Great Garden Supply for the supplies you need to accomplish all of your tomato growing tasks!

6th May 2014

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