Wilt-Pruf: Protect your Trees and Shrubs Through the Winter blog

Wilt-Pruf: Protect your Trees and Shrubs Through the Winter

Wilt Pruf - Untreated and TreatedHave you ever noticed your rhododendrons looking brown, sad and droopy after the winter thaw and things begin to green up again? Your poor plant may have been the victim of what’s called “winter kill.” The drying winds and frozen ground of winter deprive plants of their natural moisture intake and cause this issue. Using an anti-transpirant will  prevent winter burn and our experts here at Great Garden Supply recommend Wilt Pruf as their anti-transpirant of choice.

Over sixty years ago, Wilt-Pruf was developed and became the first anti-transpirant on the market. Anti-transpirants are chemical compounds applied to plant leaves to reduce transpiration of moisture. Anti-transpirants are used to protect plants from drying out when under water stress. Wilt-Pruf is a natural pine oil emulsion that is organic, non-hazardous, biodegradable and non-toxic to eyes and skin. It sprays dry to form a transparent and flexible protective coating without interfering with plant growth or materially affecting respiration, osmosis or photosynthesis.

Ultraviolet rays from outdoor daylight react with the Wilt-Pruf film which, in turn, produces a continuous flexible film similar to having numerous bed sheets on a bed. Even when the top sheet is removed, there are still many layers of sheets left on the bed. As the surface layer of Wilt-Pruf wears off with the sun, wind and rain, another layer forms through rapid polymerization. This process continues until all the layers have worn off — usually 3 to 4 months and sometimes longer depending on the conditions. Wilt-Pruf is the only horticultural anti-transpirant that has the ability to provide this long lasting protection.

Wilt-Pruf Works On Evergreen Trees and Shrubs (Christmas Trees and Wreaths, too!)

When evergreens have been exposed to extreme drying conditions such as frozen roots in the winter or hot drying winds in drought stricken areas, they might not have enough moisture in their foliage to survive without help. Wilt-Pruf will afford them the added protection they need during these long severe periods of stress.

* Protects plants against cold, drying winds of winter and hot, drying winds of summer

* Protects plants when roots are frozen in the winter depriving them of their normal moisture intake as well as during periods of drought.

* Protects tender transplants while their root systems are developing. Tubers and bulbs do better in storage when first sprayed or dipped with Wilt-Pruf.

* Protects and extends the life of Christmas trees and wreaths by reducing moisture loss which results in needle drop and browning.

How to Use Wilt-Pruf

Wilt-Pruf concentrate and ready-to-use spray containers are not damaged by freezing or thawing when stored. They will not solidify when thawed, but must be shaken well before using. Wilt-Pruf concentrate may be easily mixed with water without continuous agitation. Wilt-Pruf should be added to water, not water to Wilt-Pruf. If separation should occur, the container needs only to be stirred or shaken. Once mixed, Wilt-Pruf may be sprayed with any pressure type trombone, pump, or power sprayer except hose end. Hose end sprayers will not produce the proper mixture of concentrate and water. The more pressure, the better the spray pattern! Wilt-Pruf will not clog sprayers, nozzles, or lines. Wilt-Pruf must be allowed to dry outdoors in daylight (not necessarily sunlight) since it is a film forming polymer and needs ultraviolet daylight rays in order for the spray to set up or polymerize.

Sprayers should be cleaned after each use by rinsing with water immediately after each use. Surfaces sprayed inadvertently may be washed immediately with warm water and a mild detergent. Dried film can be dissolved without difficulty using kerosene or mineral spirits. Over-spraying on cars, terraces, windows, etc. should be avoided.

Wilt-Pruf comes in a variety of sizes and formulations. Here are Great Garden Supply.com we have them all for your convenience!

* Ready-to-Use Quart Trigger Spray

* 1 Quart Concentrate

* 1 Gallon Concentrate

Now is the perfect time to protect your plants against the winter ahead…as long as the temperature is above freezing and you have a few hours to let Wilt-Pruf dry before dusk, you can apply and feel secure that you will have happier plants next Spring.

19th November 2013

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